Château de Projan***, Demeure de Charme, Gers, Gascogne – 32400 Projan – Tel : +33 (0)5 62 09 46 21

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Projan facing the Pyrénées…

Projan, is a small village in the commune belonging to the Gers whis is part of the Midi-Pyrénées. The village borders the departments of Landes , the Pyrénées-Atlantiques,  and the  Hautes-Pyrénées, this means that it is at the very heart of Gascony and so very convenient for visiting the rich historical and cultural treasures of the area, including of course the « birth-place » of the most famous of the three muskeeters, d’Artagnan.


…in the heart of the South West Wines,

This region is physically rich, warm and welcoming with gentle rolling hills and this warmth is mirrored in the people who are famously generous, big-hearted and very welcoming to all visitors.

Each season produces its own rich melody of colours and there is variety also in the many excellent local wines such as Côtes de Gascogne, Saint-Mont, Madiran, Pacherenc as well as a great Armagnac.


an unmissable stay in the Gers.

From Projan it is easy to reach the Gers with its heritage of fortified historic towns known as Bastides, as well as Nogaro with its famous car racing circuit.


Very close to the ocean,

You can also visit the Landes region with its huge sandy beaches facing the Atlantic, the Eco-museum of Marquèze which can be reached by a small train built in 1906, also the Abbey of Saint-Sever, the company Maison Pyrenex makes superb and very warm duvets and anoraks recycled from duck feathers, the art gallery Rouge Garance.



and discovering well known cities,

There is also the famous « Course Landaise » in which young matadors leap over bulls (and do not kill them) and traditional hunting, some of which features horses.



this is the relaxed rhythm of life in Gascony

Another journey to the Pyrénées Atlantique and the beautiful Basque coast, famous for surfing and pelote, and the cities of Bayonne (famous for its chocolate), the port of Saint-Jean-de- Luz (famous for its fishes and its macarons), the eco-museum of Jean-Vier which is famous for its basque-style linen.

Chargement en cours…